After studying Japanese at the University of Edinburgh and spending a year in Kyoto as an exchange student, DM Murray has lived and worked in and around Osaka for over four years. Other than writing, DM translates from Japanese to English, particularly in film subtitles, and has worked as an English teacher in Osaka and other parts of the Kansai area.



Toka Ebisu: a popular annual festival

New Year is traditionally one of Japan’s most important holidays, and a rare occasion where many of the country’s businesses close for the day. One popular way to celebrate Japanese New Year is with...

Osaka history series (5 of 6)- Economic History of Osaka

Mokarimakka? is one of the best-known phrases in Osaka-ben, the Japanese dialect native to Osaka. Literally meaning “are you making money?”, it is not necessarily a literal question about business, but is used as...

Osaka history series (4 of 6)- Diplomatic History of Osaka

Osaka has hosted many major international events over the years, such as the G20 Summit in 2019, and soon to include the 2025 World Expo. With a foreign population exceeded only by Tokyo, it...

Osaka history series (3 of 6)- Political History of Osaka

The Osaka area has been settled since early Japanese history, becoming the site of port towns and a key location for trade while the nation was still in its infancy. Now, it is one...

Osaka history series (2 of 6)- Cultural History of Osaka

Popular ideas about the culture of Osaka often include food such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki, major comedy acts, and sport teams like the Hanshin Tigers. While these are all very much...

Osaka history series (1 of 6)- Social History of Osaka

Today, Osaka is one of Japan’s most populous cities. Indeed, it was a central location in early Japanese civilisation, as political power was originally consolidated in the Kansai region, comprising modern-day Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe...

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