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Joto Ward: Fun For All Ages

Named for its close proximity to Osaka Castle (Joto literally means “to the east of the castle”), Joto ward is one of Osaka’s smaller...

Kita Ward: Osaka’s Mega Metropolis

For most visitors to Osaka, this is where it all begins. You step off the train at Osaka Station, wander...

Konohana Ward: Osaka’s Playground

There’s a lot to like about Osaka. The great food, the energetic nightlife, the friendly and entertaining demeanor of the locals. However, if you...

Miyakojima Ward: Sun, Sakura and a Cold Beer!

Of all the summary articles I’ve written on the various places to visit in Osaka thus far, I’ll be honest and say that Miyakojima...

Nishinari Ward: The Dark Side of Osaka

Often portrayed as a venue for the less endearing elements of Japanese society, Osaka is considered by some to be inferior to its nearby...

Asahi Ku: Osaka’s Gentler Side

Bordering the city of Moriguchi to the north of Osaka, Asahi ward is one of the more laid back, tranquil areas of the city....

Tennoji Ward: Where City and Nature Come Together

There are plenty of stories of urban renewal playing out all across Osaka these days. However, few places have...

Suminoe Ward: Sightseeing and Birdwatching by the Sea

Suminoe is, in terms of land mass at least, one of Osaka City’s biggest wards. It is also however, one of the least...

Minato Ward: Exploring Osaka’s Harbor District

Almost every major city in Japan has a Minato Ward of its own. Minato literally means “port” in Japanese, and so each coastal city...

The Yoshimoto Kogyo — A Big Deal in Japanese Entertainment

The Yoshimoto Theater, the esteemed comedy theater in Namba, is deeply intertwined with a very important entertainment conglomerate that emerged from the traditional theater...
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Kita Ward: Osaka’s Mega Metropolis


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