About Us

Allan Hsu (Owner / Editor-in-chief)

Allan was originally from the city of Taipei in Taiwan. Having grandparents who spoke Japanese due to Taiwan being a former colony of Japan, he has always been intrigued by this island nation. His father spent 6 months doing medical research in Tokyo.

After completing most of his education in Australia, Allan has been a frequent traveller to Japan, especially Osaka. He enjoys the city because of its passionate open-minded people, its great food, cultural significance and of course its proximity to the rest of Kansai region. 

Allan started Osaka.com in 2012 with the goal to turn it into the most comprehensive, unique and interesting Osaka information website available. The internet is flooded with repetitive, over-generalised generic information on Japan, Allan feels it’s time passion is infused when creating contents. 

Liam Carrigan (Contributor)

As a six year resident of Osaka, Liam Carrigan knows the city inside and out.

As well as creating content for Osaka.com, Liam is a regular contributor to the popular Japan website “Gaijinpot.com”. He writes regularly for a number of other online and print publications across the world.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Liam first came to Japan in 2006. His work has taken him all across the country and even to Hong Kong for a time as well. In addition to writing, Liam loves sports, and enjoys nothing more than watching his beloved Celtic FC when they are playing. He is also a keen traveller, having visited 16 countries so far, with more planned in the near future. Liam graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2006 with a BA in Journalism.

He believes a reporter’s first allegiance must always be to the truth, no matter how inconvenient that truth may be.

DM Murray (contributor)

DM Murray

After studying Japanese at the University of Edinburgh and spending a year in Kyoto as an exchange student, DM Murray has lived and worked in and around Osaka for over four years. He currently lives in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, home to the Hanshin Tiger baseball team.

Other than writing, DM translates from Japanese to English, particularly in film subtitles, and has worked as an English teacher in Osaka and other parts of the Kansai area. His hobbies include art, food and especially travelling around Japan, to places as far apart as Hokkaido, Shimane and Okinawa.

DM wants to spread the word about overlooked places, and help people gain a deeper understanding of Osaka and Japan.

Andy Cheng (contributor)

Growing up with a Japanese mother, Andy has extensive knowledge of Japanese culture, life and food.  Originally from England, Andy started to train to be a chef after graduating university and moved to Japan to start his culinary journey. With his aim to run his own restaurant, he studied under Michelin star chef Namae Shinobu and Akihiro Nagao. After travelling to Osaka, he fell in love with the food, was especially Takoyaki.
Andy’s hobbies include, photography, sports and travelling around Japan.
Andy wants to share the beauty of Japanese food and the elegance and grace Japanese people take in preparing and eating their food.

Anna Melegova (contributor)

Anna is a passionate traveller and travel writer.

She was born in Slovakia but her passion for travelling and far-away destinations sparked in her since early childhood. After living in Australia for 5 years, where she worked and studied tourism, she is now based in Osaka, where she works as an English teacher.

Besides teaching, travelling and writing for Osaka.com, she also contributes to various international travel blogs and runs a blog of her own, where she shares her love for Japan, its cuisine, culture, and gives insights of how the life of an expat in Japan looks like.

In her free time she loves to spend time in nature, discover new places, read, eat new interesting dishes (and then trying to cook them) and watch documentaries on Netflix. It was actually a Netflix documentary called Wild Japan that triggered her decision to move to Osaka and she has been loving it ever since.

You can find her personal blog at https://hanastraveljournal.com

Tomas Meleg (photographer/videographer/Social Media)

Born and raised in Slovakia but his adventurous nature took him to explore different parts of the world.

Tomas is currently based in Osaka for almost a year where he teaches English part-time, intensively explores regions of Japan and documents everything through his lens as a professional photographer.

His ability to produce high quality photo and video content is to support our writers with his imagery and make experience of our readers as authentic as possible.

Visit Tomas’s website at- https://melegtomas.com/

Sayaka Takami (contributor)

Sayaka was born and grown at the riverside in Taisho ward (Osaka), so her inspiration always comes from water scene. Murmuring of a stream,  sea ripples comfortably moving back and forth and the moon reflected on the calm lake surface are the sources of her creation.

Her childhood memories are flooded with family trips all around Japan and some Asian countries. She started to keep a travel diary when her mother gave her a tiny notebook on their first airplane trip. She took note of what she saw and felt on the journey, drew pictures and pasted beautiful paper items (tickets, maps and leaflets) to make her trip unforgettable. This wonderful habit is now shared by her daughters who take note about all the yummy foods and fancy items on her trips.

Sayaka studied transformation of communication at the Kobe University, then got an MBA in marketing from the University of Leicester, UK. She currently lives very close to Lake Biwa. Running, reading and creating something new are her passion.