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From Osaka to Tokyo: A Guide for the First-time Traveller

The journey from Osaka to Tokyo is perhaps the most frequently travelled in all of Japan. Every day, millions of people embark on this...

Saving Lives with Science: The Osaka Community Care Expo

When we talk about Osaka, we typically think of shopping, bars, restaurants, fine food and a bustling nightlife, interspersed with a great deal of...

Embracing the Future: Japan IT Week Osaka

For the past several decades, many other countries have looked up to Japan as a place of technological innovation, research and product development. This...

Three Days, One City: The Best of Osaka on a Short...

Osaka is a big place. Indeed, it is the third largest city in all of Japan, after Tokyo and Yokohama. In six years of...

Get On Your Bike! Introducing the Osaka Motorcycle Show

If you’ve stayed in Osaka for any length of time, especially in an apartment or hotel that lies somewhere along the roadside of Minato...

Classy Colours by the Castle: The Himeji Yukata Festival

One of the most endearing images of Japan is that of the kimono-clad geisha, gliding across the floor with seemingly effortless ease as she...

Facing the Music: Osaka’s Top 5 Concert Venues

If there’s one thing Osaka folks know better than most other Japanese, it’s how to have a good time. Osaka nightlife Nowhere is this more...

Getting to Know Japan’s Kitchen: An Osaka One Day Food Tour

Japanese cuisine is known across the entire world for its taste, its presentation and its incredible variety. Nowhere is this more immediately apparent than...

Den Den Town – The Ultimate Guide

For many lovers of Japan’s culture, people, and spectacle, one of the most common gateways into such fandom is through what is now affectionately...

Amemura: Five Must-See Sights

Osaka is perhaps best known for its food and its nightlife. However, in recent times it has also become something of a magnet for...
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