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From Osaka to Tokyo: A Guide for the First-time Traveller

The journey from Osaka to Tokyo is perhaps the most frequently travelled in all of Japan. Every day, millions of people embark on this journey. Most make use of Japan's incredibly advanced rail network. However,...

Learn the Lingo: 5 Must-Know Osaka-Ben Phrases

Sometimes when you visit a new place, the language of the locals can almost become a tourist attraction of its own. osaka ben It was like that when I was growing up in Glasgow, Scotland...

Bagging a Bargain: How to Find the Best Flight Deals to Osaka

For most of the world, travelling to Japan is an expensive business. For most of the world it involves a long haul flight, sometimes even two or three. flights to osaka japan However, if you’re...

Coming From America: Flying to Osaka from the US and Canada

In a previous post, I discussed how to get to Osaka if you are travelling from Europe. However, for our friends in the United States and Canada, things are quite different. Airlines in the...

From Europe to Osaka: A Flyer’s Guide

It used to be the case that Tokyo was the gateway into Japan for foreign visitors. Traditionally, one would fly into Narita Airport, in Chiba prefecture, about 1 hour east of Tokyo and then...
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Crowds at Imamiya Ebisu Shrine. Source: Osaka Tourism & Convention Bureau https://osaka-info.jp/page/imamiyaebisujinja-tokaebisu

Toka Ebisu: a popular annual festival

Facing the Music: Osaka’s Top 5 Concert Venues

Best Places to go Shopping in Osaka