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Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka – The birthplace of instant ramen

Who wouldn’t know instant ramen and cup noodles? This super easy-to-make, yet tasty dish is a beloved staple food not only in students’ dorm rooms but also in many households all over the world....

Hospital and Clinical Visits: Getting Medical Help in Osaka

Hospital visits aren’t fun. However, if you must, then Japanese hospitals rank alongside the very best. Healthcare provision here is among the best in the world, and Osaka is no exception. However, the healthcare system...

Tsutenkaku Tower – The Symbol of Shinsekai

Often overlooked tourist spot Osaka is famous for many things but its most popular tourist attractions are undeniably Osaka Castle and colorful Dotonbori full of neon lights and cosmopolitan nightlife. Besides these two, however, there’s...

How to Get around Osaka: A Traveler’s Guide

For travelers, one of the most confusing aspects of visiting a new city is simply knowing how to get around Osaka This can be confusing in a new country. Perhaps you don’t speak the language,...

Best Places to go Shopping in Osaka

Besides being the Nation’s Kitchen, Osaka has also the reputation to be a shopper’s paradise. Osaka is historically a city of merchants, therefore you can expect to find here a variety of high quality...

Where to Stay in Osaka? A guide for all Travelers

Osaka is one of the most popular venues for tourists in all of Asia. However, deciding where to stay when you visit for the first time can be a tricky business. In a city with...

Ultimate 5 Day Osaka Itinerary

Osaka is endlessly interesting and absolutely delicious! Being known, as the city of merchants and Japan’s kitchen, Osaka has a long history, as this area has been settled for millennia and its convenient central...

From Osaka to Tokyo: A Guide for the First-time Traveller

The journey from Osaka to Tokyo is perhaps the most frequently travelled in all of Japan. Every day, millions of people embark on this journey. Most make use of Japan's incredibly advanced rail network. However,...

Learn the Lingo: 5 Must-Know Osaka-Ben Phrases

Sometimes when you visit a new place, the language of the locals can almost become a tourist attraction of its own. osaka ben It was like that when I was growing up in Glasgow, Scotland...

Bagging a Bargain: How to Find the Best Flight Deals to Osaka

For most of the world, travelling to Japan is an expensive business. For most of the world it involves a long haul flight, sometimes even two or three. flights to osaka japan However, if you’re...
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