Higashinari Ward: A Quiet Base, Close to the Action

You’ve probably gathered by now, that despite being one of Japan’s largest cities, much of Osaka’s more famous attractions are confined to a few...

Nishi Ward: Sports, Shopping and a Whole Lot More!

Nishi Ward is one of those places that has a little bit of everything. Nishi Ward Whilst Nishi means west in Japanese, this is not...

Naniwa Ward: Osaka’s Cosplay Capital

Naniwa Ward, despite being right in the center of Osaka, has always attracted those who perhaps don’t quite fit in with the cultural mainstream....

Yodogawa Ward: Osaka Goes to the Movies!

Most people who are asked to pinpoint Yodogawa ward on a map of Osaka, would probably struggle to do so. However, chances are that...

Hirano Ward: Osaka’s Eastern Frontier

Like most cities, the outskirts of Osaka are noticeably less intense, and slower paced than the hustle and bustle that comes with the urban...

Higashi Sumiyoshi Ward: Osaka’s Sports Hub

For those like me who love the game of football (or soccer as my American friends erroneously insist on calling it!) Osaka has two...

Tsurumi Ward: Osaka’s Back Garden

Off to the north-east of Osaka City, we will find Tsurumi Ward. At a little over 8 square kilometers, it is definitely one of...

Nishi Yodogawa Ward: Osaka By the Sea

Many of the world’s great cities are defined to some extent by the waterways that run through them. As the River Liffey is said...

Higashi-Yodogawa Ward: History, Culture and Quiet

Ok, I’ll be honest, of all the wards in Osaka, Higashi Yodogawa is probably the one I have spent the least amount of time...

Sumiyoshi Ward: Osaka’s Spiritual Center

Many visitors to Osaka say that the city seems to be split into two distinct parts. There are the parts of the city that are...
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