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Monday, August 10, 2020

Higashi Sumiyoshi Ward: Osaka’s Sports Hub

For those like me who love the game of football (or soccer as my American friends erroneously insist on calling it!) Osaka...

Tsurumi Ward: Osaka’s Back Garden

Off to the north-east of Osaka City, we will find Tsurumi Ward. At a little over 8 square kilometers, it is definitely...

Nishi Yodogawa Ward: Osaka By the Sea

Many of the world’s great cities are defined to some extent by the waterways that run through them. As the River Liffey...

Higashi-Yodogawa Ward: History, Culture and Quiet

Ok, I’ll be honest, of all the wards in Osaka, Higashi Yodogawa is probably the one I have spent the least amount...

Sumiyoshi Ward: Osaka’s Spiritual Center

Many visitors to Osaka say that the city seems to be split into two distinct parts. There are the...

Osaka Kaiyukan: Asia’s Best Aquarium

Of all the tourist attractions I sampled during my time in Osaka, none quite have the charm of the Osaka Kaiyukan. This...

Fukushima: A Caricature of Osaka

If I were asked to some up Fukushima Ward, in central Osaka, using just one sentence, I would probably say this: “It’s like Osaka...

Taisho Ward: Where the Old Osaka meets the New

Most visitors to Osaka already have an idea of the places they want to go and the things they want to see.

Abeno Ward: The High Point of Osaka

Here’s a question for all you Japan lovers out there: Where is the tallest commercial building in Japan? Now before...

Ikuno Ward: Osaka’s Own Korea Town

Osaka has long enjoyed a reputation as being one of Japan’s more open and welcoming cities when it comes to looking after those who,...
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