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Get On Your Bike! Introducing the Osaka Motorcycle Show

If you’ve stayed in Osaka for any length of time, especially in an apartment or hotel that lies somewhere along the roadside of Minato Dori or Chuo Dori (the two longest roads...

Classy Colours by the Castle: The Himeji Yukata Festival

One of the most endearing images of Japan is that of the kimono-clad geisha, gliding across the floor with seemingly effortless ease as she elegantly makes her way about town. Likewise, the...

Facing the Music: Osaka’s Top 5 Concert Venues

If there’s one thing Osaka folks know better than most other Japanese, it’s how to have a good time. Osaka nightlife Nowhere is this more apparent than when you...

Osaka’s Biggest Attraction Returns

This is your chance to see the biggest and strongest athletes in Japan - LIVE in Kansai. Seven hundred members of the Japan Sumo Association, weighing anything from 80 to 273 kilos, will descend...

Big Enthusiasm- 阪神タイガースThe Hanshin Tigers 360

Founded back in 1935, the Hanshin Tigers belonging to the Central League is the second oldest baseball team in Japan next to The Yomiuri Giants. These two teams, being the biggest baseball teams have...
Autumn leaves

Autumn leave viewing in Osaka

As November sets in the talk of the town inevitably switches to Kyoto. After all, where else might one go to sample the beauty of the changing colors of autumn leaves? Well, you could...
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