Japan’s Most Influential Player in Showbiz: Yoshimoto Entertainment Company – The...

As scientists across the world race against each other to find a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus pandemic, many people have turned towards variety...

Learn the Lingo: 5 Must-Know Osaka-Ben Phrases

Sometimes when you visit a new place, the language of the locals can almost become a tourist attraction of its own. osaka ben It was...

Osaka’s Biggest Attraction Returns

This is your chance to see the biggest and strongest athletes in Japan - LIVE in Kansai. Seven hundred members of the Japan Sumo...

A Latin Night in Osaka

‘I can’t wait to see you tonight! Please promise me one thing: let’s not go to a club’, I plead with my friend over...

Osaka, Japan: Staying warm in Japan

When you move to a country that is among one of the world’s most technologically advanced, you might think that the elements and weather might not...

Big Enthusiasm- 阪神タイガースThe Hanshin Tigers 360

Founded back in 1935, the Hanshin Tigers belonging to the Central League is the second oldest baseball team in Japan next to The Yomiuri...

How to walk in Osaka

Entering a new culture is like learning to walk again—in Osaka, this is literally true. Train stations teem with throngs of black-headed figures headed...

The Yoshimoto Kogyo — A Big Deal in Japanese Entertainment

The Yoshimoto Theater, the esteemed comedy theater in Namba, is deeply intertwined with a very important entertainment conglomerate that emerged from the traditional theater...

Ring Out, Osaka Bells!

New Year’s Eve! The biggest festival of the Japanese year! Crowds shoulder-to-shoulder in the freezing street, vying to get to throw their money into the giant...

Come back – Kishiwada’s not finished yet!

The summer festivals have passed, the post-equinox cold is setting in, and thoughts inevitably turn to autumn’s choice offerings. In Osaka, the festival fever...
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