Aki Uenami

Born and raised in Mie, Japan and have been living in Osaka for over a decade. She has a degree in film/video and is currently working as an assistant producer. Her love for Osaka, its culture, and people has led her to become a tour guide. She has shown over 500 guests the city of Osaka. Her passion lies in film/video, travel, design, and chairs. She would love to show a lot of aspects of Osaka through video.



Osaka Customs trivia – Do you know all these?

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in visiting Osaka. Or you are keen to deepen your knowledge about the city. You may have visited Japan in the past and learned...

Tokyo, Kyoto…but what is there to do in Osaka?

Osaka, is it worth your time? Let’s say you plan a visit to Japan, what are the first things that cross your mind? Authentic Japanese food like sushi and tempura, beautiful view of cherry blossoms...

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