Osaka Fashion Episode 3: Shunji at Columbo Cornershop in Minami-Semba

Shunji, 45 @do_mo.54166

The area of Minami-Semba directly north of Ame-mura is sometimes referred to as Canada-mura. Filled with shops, cafes, hotels, hair salons, galleries, restaurants, and a temple and shrine, the area has plenty to see, but it’s never as busy as Ame-Mura or Horie. This may be due to the lack of a park as a focus point, and the higher density of office buidings.

One popular gathering point, however, is Colombo Cornershop bookshop and cafe. Colombo mainly sells used books and magazines on art, design, and photography, but a smattering of English fiction and non-fiction books can also be found. The shop’s customers are overwhelmingly designers, artists, and expats. The shop has outdoor seating, which is rare in the area, so many tourists stop by to take a break and flip through the magazines while enjoying the espresso drinks.

During the winter holidays, I often stopped by for a latte. It was one of these times when an ostentatiously-dressed Japanese man caught my eye. I sat down with him to find out more…

Tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Shunji. I’m originally from Kobe, but I live in Higashi Mikune, Osaka, now. I do Lithium Ion Battery research in Senri-chuo. I love fashion. Especially Comme des Garçons

My hobby is making kimonos, and I often wear antique kimonos. 
Men’s kimonos?
No, I wear lady’s antique kimonos. Men’s kimonos are too plain. Vintage women’s kimonos are so colorful and have great designs.

You can see lots of my kimonos on my Instagram account.
I suppose you turn a lot of heads while going out in a kimono. 
Yes! So many people ask if they can take a photo. 
How long have you been interested in fashion?  
Since I was about 15.  

Tell me about today’s outfit. 
This hat is Kakera Knit. The designer is from Niigata. My scarf is Shiina Ringo merchandise that I got at her concert a few years ago. 

I got my Jacket in Tokyo. The brand is Number (N)ine. It’s vintage Number (N)ine. The bag is Junya Watanabe. Both my sweater and pants are Comme Des Garçons. And so are my shoes. 

They’re a collaboration between the Rolling Stones and Comme des Garçons.

The shirt is from the 90s. It’s by Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck
The socks are H & M. (Laughs).

And your glasses?
Jaques Durand. They’re the same frames that Ryuchi Sakamoto wore. I love YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra), but recently I’m really into Moondog
That’s pretty obscure. 
My hairstylist introduced me to the band. When I first heard him, I fell in love.

What are your plans for 2024?
I want to go to India again. I have been to India 10 times. I especially like Varanasi, India. I look forward to walking near the Ganges River. I also like finding beautiful fabrics in the Rajasthan region.
I will always continue searching for new fashion. I love fashion. It’s my life!


  1. Loved the article John! I love the seamless switch from introduction to Q& A part from the one line of ‘ an ostentatiously dressed Japanese man caught my eye….’ ! #excellence in bith writ and pics!! Cheers, Wes


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