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The best dishes to eat when visiting Osaka

On our website, we have already presented you with a one-day food tour itinerary around Osaka, where to find some...

Udon Suki: A Taste of Osaka’s Past

Nothing soothes the soul on a cold winter evening quite like a delicious Japanese hotpot dish. Udon Suki Udon...

Hakozushi: Super, Squared Sushi

No trip to Japan is complete without sampling some sushi. However, we are often short of time on our travels. Wouldn't it...

Taisho Ward: Where the Old Osaka meets the New

Most visitors to Osaka already have an idea of the places they want to go and the things they want to see.

Nishinari Ward: The Dark Side of Osaka

Often portrayed as a venue for the less endearing elements of Japanese society, Osaka is considered by some to be inferior to its nearby...
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