Sayaka Takami

Sayaka was born and grown at the riverside in Taisho ward (Osaka), so her inspiration always comes from water scene. Murmuring of a stream, sea ripples comfortably moving back and forth and the moon reflected on the calm lake surface are the sources of her creation. Sayaka studied transformation of communication at the Kobe University, then got an MBA in marketing from the University of Leicester, UK. She currently lives very close to Lake Biwa. Running, reading and creating something new are her passion.



Nishiyodogawa Ward: Eco-friendly town with a greenbelt

Introduction Nishiyodogawa ward locates in the northeast end of Osaka and is adjacent to Amagasaki City in the Hyogo prefecture. Nishiyodogawa had been one of the most industrialized areas in Osaka with a lot of...

Tennoji Ward: Sunset and Pineapple

From ancient era, the main area of the current Tennoji ward was called Yuhigaoka (Sunset Hill). As the name implies, the hill area has long been a famous viewpoint of beautiful sunset looking over...

MIYAKOJIMA WARD: Place for life satisfaction

Introduction Though Miyakojima ward is next to Kita ward, the busiest area in Osaka, it is far less urbanized and maintains its suburban feel. It is probably because the rivers distinctively separates Miyakojima and its...

MIYAKOJIMA WARD OSAKA: Palace of Cherry Blossom

Introduction Miyakojima ward locates at the north east side of Osaka city. It’s a beautiful riverside-town, the scenery is especially stunning in Kema Sakuranomiya Park in the west side of the ward. It is Osaka’s...

Cycling in Osaka | Taisho Ward: Cycle tour in wonderland

Are you a bit tired of hustle and bustle in urban Osaka? Then why not rent a bike and explore Taisho island where you can encounter a lot of unique attractions?!! cycling in osaka Here’s...

Taisho Ward History: A modern frontier?

Intruduction Not many international tourists or visitors from other prefectures know well about Taisho ward, probably it is because Taisho is Osaka’s least populated ward and has a limited train access, just only Taisho Station...

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