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Torikara Sticks: Osaka Fusion Cooking At its Best!

Whilst Japanese cuisine is known and loved the world over, some of Osaka's most delicious dishes draw on, at least a little, external influence....

Time for Tonpeiyaki!

Most of us are familiar with the well-known Japanese dish Okonomiyaki. A dish that is so popular among Osaka's foodies that it even has...

The best dishes to eat when visiting Osaka

On our website, we have already presented you with a one-day food tour itinerary around Osaka, where to find some local delicacies and see...

Never Say No To Negiyaki

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki will always be the best known local street foods in Osaka. However, there's another popular food, often overlooked, but just as...

Who’s Craving Some Kasu Udon?

Udon is one of the most widely available and beloved fast food dishes in Japan. However, today we’re going to talk about a kind...

Cooking up Some Kushikatsu

Sometimes, you just need to say to yourself: "This isn't healthy at all, but oh my, it's delicious. kushikatsu osaka This is one of those...

Let’s Talk Takoyaki

People from all across Japan flock to Osaka regularly to sample both the local and international delights it has to offer. However today we are...
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