Osaka Street Fashion

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Shunsuke, 26

Lives in Sakai Higashi, Osaka. Shot in Uranamba, downtown Osaka.

osaka street fashion

Jacket by Rude Gallery, bought on Yahoo Auction. Cardigan by Uniclo. T-Shirt featuring characters from Evangelion creator Ando Hideyaki’s first work, Daicon III

osaka street fashion

Shoes by Doc Martens, bought from the Dr Martin shop in Amemura

Wallet by Juggler, bought on Yahoo Auction. Wallet chain is Merch from Shunsuke’s senpai’s band, “Junior Breath”.


lives in Osaka, @maomerori on instagram
osaka street fashion

Jacket a present from mum, bought from an Aussie flea market. Shirt bought in “some random Australian store”.

osaka street fashion

Necklace by Atmospink, bought in the Shinsaibashi shotengai

Forgot where the glasses came from. Headphones by Skull Candy.

osaka street fashion

Keyring Chintaiko from a Hakata rest stop in Fukuoka.

Fashion Philosophy – Having confidence in myself, that if I’m wearing it, anything is going to be cute. Baggy pants with a fitted top to show off my favorite assets – small boobs plus a big bum.


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