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Tennoji Ward: Sunset and Pineapple

From ancient era, the main area of the current Tennoji ward was called Yuhigaoka (Sunset Hill). As the name implies, the hill area has...

Where to Stay in Osaka? A guide for all Travelers

Osaka is one of the most popular venues for tourists in all of Asia. However, deciding where to stay when you visit for the...

Higashinari Ward: A Quiet Base, Close to the Action

You’ve probably gathered by now, that despite being one of Japan’s largest cities, much of Osaka’s more famous attractions are confined to a few...

JR West – Hanwa Line

Hanwa Line (阪和線) is a railway line that is operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It connects Tennoji Station (R20) in Osaka...

Tennoji Ward: Where City and Nature Come Together

There are plenty of stories of urban renewal playing out all across Osaka these days. However, few places have seen as meteoric a rise in status...


Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd. (近畿日本鉄道株式会社) is a private railway company that operates the second largest railway network in Japan after Japan Railway (JR). It...

Osaka Metro

Traveling in Osaka can be daunting. There are many railway lines which are operated by both government or private companies. While the most common...
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