Osaka Fashion Episode 4: Tami At Hughes Pizza

Nakazakicho is a quaint neighborhood east of Umeda full of constantly changing shops, cafes, restaurants, hair salons, and bars. What never changes, however, is it’s traditional charm. The area has preserved its Showa-era architecture, and has resisted being overrun by high-rises, so it stands apart from the traffic-heavy, surrounding neighborhoods.  In the past, I didn’t often venture to any particular merchant in the heart of Nakazakicho, but I frequently found myself nearby, and passed through when traveling between Doyama and Nakatsu. Within the last couple of years, however, it’s been a almost weekly destination since Hughes Pizza American-style pizza opened up.

Osaka Fashion Episode 4

A couple months ago I noticed a new face at the counter – Tami.  She struck up a conversation when taking my order, which is usually rare when encountering new staff in a restaurant in Japan.  I asked if she’d be up for an interview, and she didn’t hesitate to say yes,

Osaka Fashion Episode 4

Dressed in a Stussy beret, one of Hughes’ shirts and Omighty pants she described as “funky’, we set off for an amble around the neighborhood.

When did you start at Hughes?
About four months ago. I really love it. I’m a student, so I’m just part-time here. I go to Doshisha University. I went there as an undergrad, but I still go there for my master’s degree. 

Osaka Fashion Episode 4

I studied English Literature as an undergrad. Now I study music culture. Specifically hip-hop in Japan and in America.
Music theory or the social aspect of it?
Sociologically, mostly. I’m studying Feminist Hip Hop and how it’s being received in Japan.

Do you live around Nakazaki-Cho?
No, but I used to work in a vintage clothes shop here. I don’t want to say the name because I didn’t like the boss!
Osaka Fashion Episode 4

When did you become interested in fashion?
I always loved fashion as a kid but in the past 2 years I started to really dig in and do lots of research as in where to buy, what the trends are in different areas – outside Japan, different countries and cities.  I love fashion history after the 80s…my favorite era is the 2000s

Osaka Fashion Episode 4

What are some of your favorite clothing brands?
Omighty (America), Sculptor (Korea), The Ragged Priest (UK), Zara (Spain).
Where are some of your favorite clothing shops or areas to shop?
I buy clothes mostly online, like Mercari, but when I go shopping, Amemura and Nakazakicho are my favorite places because I like second-hand clothes. One time I went to Vivie, which is a second-hand/vintage clothes shop right next to Hughes after I got off work. I found a little hoodie and now it’s my favorite.

Osaka Fashion Episode 4

Do you travel abroad to buy clothes?
I have! I went to Dublin and London 5 years ago and I bought lots. I haven’t been abroad since then but I import a lot. 

How is fashion important to your life?
Frankly, fashion saved my life… whenever I feel down, if the outfit is good, I feel better. It’s really important to me that I wear something that I feel like “YES! I look good!”. I choose colors and shapes of clothes carefully to fit with my mood of the day. It’s one of my few creative outlets where I can express myself.

Osaka Fashion Episode 4

What do you see yourself doing in the future? 
I’ll pursue an academic career. Hopefully I’ll become a professor and rock my flare jeans and cute t-shirt while teaching music culture!


  1. I enjoyed reading it! I like her fashion:D Me and my friends are going to Hughes Pizza for lunch soon. Can’t wait!


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