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Osaka Museum of History – Visitor’s Guide

Osaka is home to many great museums where you can learn more about Japan and they can provide you shelter if a rainy day...

Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka

Who wouldn’t know instant ramen and cup noodles? This super easy-to-make, yet tasty dish is a beloved staple food not only in students’ dorm...

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Osaka is known for many things, such as its exquisite cuisine, crazy nightlife in Dotombori, great shopping or the remarkable Osaka Castle. However, this...

Hirano Ward: Osaka’s Eastern Frontier

Like most cities, the outskirts of Osaka are noticeably less intense, and slower paced than the hustle and bustle that comes with the urban...

Higashi Sumiyoshi Ward: Osaka’s Sports Hub

For those like me who love the game of football (or soccer as my American friends erroneously insist on calling it!) Osaka has two...
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