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Allan was originally from the city of Taipei in Taiwan. Allan has been a frequent traveller to Japan, especially Osaka. He enjoys the city because of its passionate open-minded people, its great food, cultural significance and of course its proximity to the rest of Kansai region. Allan started in 2012 with the goal to turn it into the most comprehensive, unique and interesting Osaka information website available.



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Dear readers of As you may have known, provides the most localized, interesting and up-to-date local Osaka news in the English language online.  We are proud to have been accepted to Google News service... is looking for writers is looking for content writers. The topics we are looking for you to write are: 1. Osaka history (pre-feudal, feudal, modern) 2. Osaka geography, economics, politics, economics 3. Osaka culture (e.g. flower arrangement, religion, people, customs,...

JR West- JR Kyoto Line

The JR Kyoto Line (JR京都線) is operated by JR West. It is part of the Tokaido Main Line that runs between Osaka Station and Kyoto Station. Japan Rail Pass Can be used on this...

JR West- Katamachi Line

Katamachi Line (片町線) is a JR West-operated railway line that connects Kyobashi Station in Osaka Prefecture and Kizu Station in Kyoto Prefecture. Another name for this Line is called "Gakkentoshi Line". At Kyobashi Station...

JR West – Hanwa Line

Hanwa Line (阪和線) is a railway line that is operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It connects Tennoji Station (R20) in Osaka and Wakayama Station (R54) in Wakayama. You will be able...

Hanshin Electric Railway

Hanshin Electric Railway Co. Ltd. (阪神電気鉄道株式会社) is a private railway company headquartered in Osaka. It operates two main railway lines within the Osaka Prefecture - Main Line(本線) and Hashin Namba Line(阪神なんば線). Of note is...


Hankyu Corporation (阪急電鉄株式会社) operates trains in the northern Kansai regions. It operates three routes that connect Osaka with three different surrounding cities, Kobe, Kyoto and Takarazuka. The starting station from all three routes is Hankyu...

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