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Anna is a passionate traveler and experienced travel writer who has been regularly contributing to large international portals with extensive travel guides and well researched travel tips. As a current resident of Osaka, she is on the mission to bring the most detailed information on interesting places and events from "Japan's kitchen".



Tsutenkaku Tower – The Symbol of Shinsekai

Osaka is famous for many things but its most popular tourist attractions are undeniably Osaka Castle and colorful Dotombori full of neon lights and cosmopolitan nightlife. Besides these two, however, there’s also one more...

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Osaka is known for many things, such as its exquisite cuisine, crazy nightlife in Dotombori, great shopping or the remarkable Osaka Castle. However, this city offers you some of the finest, family-friendly museums, where...

Best Places to go Shopping in Osaka

Besides being the Nation’s Kitchen, Osaka has also the reputation to be a shopper’s paradise. Osaka is historically a city of merchants, therefore you can expect to find here a variety of high quality...

Ultimate 5 Day Osaka Itinerary

Osaka is endlessly interesting and absolutely delicious! Being known, as the city of merchants and Japan’s kitchen, Osaka has a long history, as this area has been settled for millennia and its convenient central...

The best dishes to eat when visiting Osaka

On our website, we have already presented you with a one-day food tour itinerary around Osaka, where to find some local delicacies and see the most of this bustling city at the same time....

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